Based in Berlin, Germany, FANCI has been making music since the age of six. His sonic journey started behind the piano, which then inspired him to pick up the guitar under the tutelage of guitarist Rudy Stevenson (George Benson, Nina Simone) with whom he also began to write songs. FANCI's early demos were heard by Diana Music & Vision Publishing, who quickly signed him which led to his debut release of two songs under the Berlin-based indie label, Wemby Records. The tracks entered the musical landscape under the moniker of Gemini and led to regional success.  

From there, FANCI continued to evolve as an artist and musician and also began producing for a number of other German artists. In the midst of his production work, FANCI began to write songs for his first album, with an international appeal in mind. Musically blending rock, soul, pop, new wave and funk, FANCI draws from influences that include Jamiroquai, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie and the first single under his gem-encrusted belt, "Funky Sexy Cool," is as FANCI as he is!

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